Join me May 22 to protest 100-bed men's shelter in Stapleton

I am writing to urge you, your family, your friends, your neighbors and your colleagues to join me Saturday, May 22, 2 pm, at 119 Tompkins Avenue to rally against an inappropriately sited 100-bed men’s shelter in Stapleton.

Imagine sending your young children to a school across the street from a 100-bed men's shelter. If Mayor de Blasio has his way, that will be the realty for the residents of Stapleton and Clifton

The Mayor has announced that the city will be placing a 100-bed men’s shelter on a block with three schools and a playground -- PS 78, the Hungerford School, IS 49 and the newly renovated Rev. Dr. Maggie Howard Playground. This comes after the city has already begun to build a 400-bed family shelter in what we consider our emerging downtown, all of this without community input.

It is urgent that we come out in large numbers to let the mayor know this is an inappropriate placement for a 100-bed men’s shelter.

There is absolutely no way this 100-bed men's shelter would even be on the table in any other community, given that it is across the street from an elementary school, adjacent to a District 75 school, around the corner from an intermediate school and across the street from a playground, with a 400-bed family shelter a short distance away.

To treat this community differently from others perpetuates the environmental injustice, redlining and structural racism that created marginalized, under-resourced economically disparate communities. This is not a NIMBY issue, but one of environmental justice.

My North Shore neighbors and I support long-term solutions to prevent homelessness. I have been a vocal advocate for permanent affordable housing, foreclosure prevention, tax lien sale reform and property tax reform. I support housing dignity and recognize the need for ALL New Yorkers to have appropriate housing. But as I stated when the mayor proposed the 400-bed family shelter in Tompkinsville, I am NOT in favor of large congregate shelters and warehousing people who are experiencing homelessness.

I do recognize that short-term solutions are being considered, but they must be reasonable and equitably distributed, and take into account the location and its impact on the targeted community -- and not to the detriment of communities that are marginalized, struggling or emerging, and certainly not on the same block as three schools and a children's playground!!!

JOIN US Saturday, May 22, at 2 pm, at 119 Tompkins Ave. to send a message to the mayor that this is not acceptable. Wear your masks. Bring your friends, bring your neighbors, bring everyone you know -- a large turnout will send a powerful message. Also, bring signs and bring your voices.


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