Councilwoman Rose Allocates $1.6 Million for Upgrades to North Shore Schools

When North Shore students and teachers return to the classroom next week, they will find a combined total of more than $1.6 million in technology and infrastructure improvements en route to their schools, thanks to capital allocations made by Councilwoman Debi Rose for Fiscal Year 2019.

“It is important to me that teachers and students alike have all the tools they need for success in the classroom,” said Councilwoman Rose. “From laptop computers to smart boards, library improvements to an auditorium upgrade, these allocations are investments in our future, as they will make a real difference in the learning experiences of our young people.”

“Our world is changing rapidly, making it even more important to ensure that schools across the North Shore remain competitive,” added Councilwoman Rose, who spent more than two decades as executive director of Liberty Partnerships Program, which works to keep at-risk youth in school. “I know firsthand how technology, the arts and even a new playground or ballfield contribute to the learning experiences of our children, and so I was proud to allocate a significant portion of my capital funds to our local schools, as I do every year since I have been in office.”

The Fiscal Year 2019 allocations include an auditorium upgrade at PS57, library upgrades to PS 861 and technology upgrades to 14 schools across the North Shore. Among the $1.6 million allocated this year is $476,000 selected directly by the thousands of North Shore residents who voted in Participatory Budgeting this past spring. Councilwoman Rose sets aside $1 million of her total $5 million of capital discretionary funds for the community to spend. Local residents submit ideas, volunteer delegates work with city agencies to develop ballot proposals, and North Shore residents vote in person and online every spring. To submit an idea for this year or be a part of the process, visit or call 212-788-6972.

Councilwoman Rose’s Fiscal Year 2019 capital funds now bring her total school allocations to nearly $16 million.


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