MTA: Restore service to our neighborhoods

October 13, 2017

Joseph Lhota,

Chairman and CEO, Metropolitan Transit Authority

2 Broadway

New York, NY 10004

Dear Chairman Lhota:

Over the summer, former MTA Board Member Allen Cappelli and I wrote to you regarding the need to invest in public transit infrastructure on Staten Island. As my constituents wait for the MTA to complete the local bus portion of its long-overdue Staten Island Bus Study, I am writing to ask the MTA to restore weekend service to neighborhoods that lost bus routes in 2010 and have not recovered from this loss.

The S42, S54 and S66 serve several neighborhoods in my North Shore district, and yet residents in these neighborhoods have been cut off from public transportation on the weekends for several years. We no longer live in a world where people work only Monday through Friday. Many of my constituents depend on public transportation to get them to their workplaces on the weekends, while countless others rely on our bus network to take them shopping, to medical appointments and more seven days a week

At a time when we should be alleviating existing transportation deserts, these cuts are instead creating new transportation deserts. My district is undergoing a Renaissance, and a crucial aspect of that Renaissance is a robust transportation network. To leave some neighborhoods out by depriving them of convenient public transportation is short-sighted and unacceptable.

As you assess the feedback you have gathered during the bus study, I respectfully ask you to take this issue into account, as this is the feedback I hear from my constituents on a regular basis. I look forward to your response and the results of the second phase of the comprehensive bus study.


Councilwoman Debi Rose

49th District


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