City Council Adds Cromwell Center Rebuilding to 2018 Preliminary Budget Response

Following ongoing advocacy from Deputy Majority Leader Debi Rose, the City Council included the rebuilding of the Cromwell Recreation Center in its Response to the Mayor’s 2018 Preliminary Budget.

“In the very vicinity of Cromwell Recreation Center’s former location, Staten Island’s Northshore waterfront is experiencing the largest economic development project in over 30 years, with the development of a new court house, an observation wheel, malls with high end stores, a luxury hotel, and exclusive waterfront apartments,” the Budget Response stated. “Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for public use facilities. Staten Island has not broken ground on a single facility for public use on the Northshore waterfront. In order to change that, the Council calls on the Administration to include capital funding in the Fiscal 2018 Budget for the reconstruction or replacement of the Cromwell Recreation Center in Staten Island.”

The Budget Response comes two months after the Parks Department completed a rebuilding study, with funds secured by Councilwoman Rose.

“Since the original center collapsed, I have been ushering this project forward and working tirelessly to make a new center a reality,” said Deputy Majority Leader Rose, who also serves as a member of the Council’s Budget Negotiating Team. “The necessary first step to rebuilding was a $700,000 study to evaluate locations, and I obtained those funds as part of my negotiations for the New York Wheel and Empire Outlets. With that study now complete and Lyons Pool selected as a site, it is now time to fully fund this project so that work can begin as soon as possible.

“Mayor de Blasio has signaled that rebuilding Cromwell would be part of our discussions for a potential rezoning of the Bay Street Corridor,” the councilwoman added. “However, this is something we need now. Cromwell is not about planning for future growth, it’s about meeting the needs of people already here. Including Cromwell in our budget response is an important step forward. I will continue fighting to ensure that the rebuilding of Cromwell is included in our final budget agreement. While I am working every day at City Hall to make this rebuilding a reality, I appreciate all the community support behind my rebuilding efforts, especially from Community Board 1, the Let’s Rebuild Cromwell Coalition and others.”


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