Statement on state education funding formulas

Ten years ago the Campaign for Fiscal Equity won a landmark case that called for a dramatic re-organization of how education in New York State is funded. This should have resolved the dearth of funding that leads to terrible over-crowding in so many of our schools, particularly in low-income communities of color.

Sadly, that victory has been pyrrhic at best, with school overcrowding remaining a serious problem in my district and across the city because the mandates of the court order were never implemented. While I’ve been proud to alleviate some overcrowding with expansions and a proposed new school, I am relentlessly seeking additional funded school seats to accommodate our growing population.

I am disappointed that Governor Cuomo would propose the elimination of the Foundation Aid formula that ensures districts like mine all across the state receive the educational funding necessary, and hope that he will reconsider that position – our students deserve access to opportunities that fully funded schools offer. We should be expanding students’ opportunities, not limiting them.


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