Two years of advocacy brings Gifted and Talented back to the North Shore

After two years of community advocacy, the Department of Education has brought a Gifted and Talented program back to the North Shore of Staten Island. PS 45 in West Brighton will be home to a Gifted and Talented program this September, beginning with a class of kindergarten students whose parents applied during the previous academic year.

Bringing a Gifted and Talented program back to the North Shore has been a part of every conversation I have had with Chancellor Farina since she was appointed in 2014. It is important to me that all students have the resources to achieve their full academic potential, regardless of geographic location.

This will make a difference in the lives of many Staten Island children. I thank everyone who has joined me in advocating for this, especially the families who applied for the program. Together, we demonstrated to the administration that there was sufficient demand on the North Shore. As applications become available for the 2017-18 academic year, I will once again encourage my constituents to apply. I thank Chancellor Farina for recognizing and responding to the need in my district.


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