Lighthouse Point Breaks Ground in St. George

Below is an excerpt of my statement on the June 15 groundbreaking:

Since this project was announced two years ago, I've never missed an opportunity to remind my constituents what Triangle Equities will soon be bringing to the North Shore. Everyone knows about the New York Wheel and Empire Outlets, but the North Shore Renaissance includes so much more. Right here alone, we will have a hotel, market rate and affordable housing overlooking the harbor, and retail, office and entertainment space. All just steps from the ferry and Staten Island Railroad.

But what excites me most is the new waterfront access. We live on an island. And I'm reminded of that when I cross the Verrazano, ride the ferry, and look at my EZ Pass bill every month! But for too long, we on the North Shore have been disconnected from the waterfront. When I took office, I made a commitment to open up the waterfront, and I thank Triangle for being a partner in these efforts. When this project is complete, we will have a waterfront plaza and amphitheater for everyone to enjoy. It will be a destination in its own right, and also an important connection between other waterfront parks. Lighthouse Point is the lynchpin that will connect the Wheel, Empire Outlets and Ferry Terminal to Bay Street Landing, Stapleton and Rosebank. It will form a key link in the continuous waterfront access that I have had my eye on for years, from the Goethals Bridge to the Verrazano. And thanks to EDC and Triangle, we have also activated Pier 1 for recreational and educational uses, while preserving access for fishing.

I also appreciate that Triangle shares my commitment to historic preservation. We have four historic buildings here in this plaza, one of which has been landmarked, and triangle has committed to restoring each of these buildings to their original beauty — while repurposing them as restaurant, office, and hospitality space to be enjoyed by residents and visitors. This is a model for how we should approach historic buildings going forward.


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