Councilwoman for a Day

As part of the Women's Caucus' Council Member for a Day program, I was joined by Rosebank resident Destinee Moe, a junior at Tottenville High. Destinee joined me for a lunch at a Women's Caucus meeting, where my female colleagues and I shared with more than a dozen other young women how we got into politics and elected office. Destinee also took a tour of City Hall and then joined me for a meeting of the full City Council.

I met Destinee last year while visiting a tragic fire across the street from her Chestnut Street home. Her parents generously opened their doors to fire victims and anyone who needed a place to sit on a cold rainy morning. When I introduced myself as Council Member Rose, Destinee said that someday she, too, would want to introduce herself as a Council Member. Destinee volunteers with the Explorer program at the 120th Precinct, and I hope this day at City Hall encourages her to continue to be involved in her community and in civic life. True to her name, I believe she is destined for success.

Destinee moe.jpg


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