Debi Rose Says NYPD Should Bench and Terminate ‘Bad Actors’ in Its Precincts

By Jillian Jorgensen

A bad apple spoils the whole precinct.

Councilwoman Debi Rose, a Staten Island Democrat, renewed calls for the NYPD to boot “bad actors” from its ranks on NY1’s Inside City Hall last night — and said the 120th precinct in her district, whose officers were involved in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, has plenty of them.

“Seven out of 10 of the most-sued police officers are in that precinct,” Ms. Rose said, using a figure reported in a Daily News review of claims filed against city cops. “How is it that they have been allowed to remain on the force and go out? If you know that you have bad actors they should be benched. They should be terminated.”

Ms. Rose told host Errol Louis that removing problematic cops was something she’d discussed with Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who has made several trips to Staten Island since Mr. Garner, 43, died as police were attempting to arrest him for allegedly selling loose cigarettes.

He said that he was going to retrain all of the department. Not only do they need to be retrained, but there needs to be an element of cultural competency. There also needs to be accountability,” Ms. Rose said. “When there are violations of the rule book and the regulations, there should be — they should be held accountable, and there should be consequences."

Read the full article from the New York Observer


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