Debi visits Staten Island Zoo with BP and students from P.S. 14

Yesterday, Borough President Jim Oddo and I kicked off the week by hosting fourth graders from PS 14 on a trip to the Staten Island Zoo. Everyone who knows me knows I love animals, and it was great to see up close a miniature owl, anteater, sloth and baby kangaroo. Snakes, however, are a different story! The giant boa constrictor they brought out had Jimmy and I scrambling to the back corner of the stage. After the animal presentation, we all took a ride on the zoo's new carousel, and then let the students check out the park on their own. Before the students arrived, I also had the opportunity to meet two baby Arctic foxes -- so cute! It was a great day, and I thank the borough president as well as Ken Mitchell, the zoo's executive director, for making this happen!

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