City Council and Mayor agree to responsible, progressive budget

Statement from Councilwoman Debi Rose on FY15 Budget Agreement

CITY HALL -- For the first time in recent history, the mayor and city council, under new progressive leadership, have come to an agreement on a budget that is crafted around the needs of all New Yorkers.

At last, the curtain has fallen on the political theatrics of years past, replaced with a responsible and collaborative approach to addressing the city’s needs. Now taking center stage are the real issues that our citizens face in every borough.

I am very proud of our work this budget season, ensuring that the goals of our agenda line up with the goals of New Yorkers: safer streets and an increased quality of life throughout our communities, providing early childhood education and literacy programs, creating a healthier and more productive workforce, putting our young adults to work and expanding care for those who suffer from mental illness.

I am also very pleased that the budget includes funding for new council initiatives, including a citywide Juvenile Mental Health Initiative that I sponsored to expand the capacity of community-based providers to meet the mental health needs of court involved and foster system youth and their families. It is my hope that by increasing these services to at risk youth, we can prevent tragedies related to crimes committed by adults whose problems and symptoms were never diagnosed or addressed.

The goals of the Fiscal Year 2015 budget represent a priority shift toward uplifting those who have been overlooked for far too long. This agreement shows that New York City can act as one, and produce a budget that is both progressive and responsible.


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