Discretionary Funding FY22 City Budget


Discretionary Funding  

Each year, Council Members allocate discretionary funds to not-for-profit organizations and designate funding directly to City agencies in order to meet local needs and fill gaps in City services. While not a large part of the budget, this funding allows the City to take advantage of Council Members’ localized knowledge to better target services to residents. Council rules adopted in 2014 raised the already high standard of transparency by which this funding operates in requiring that the method used to allocate funding among Members be publicly disclosed. 

In this budget, each Member is allocated a base $400,000 in expense funding. Members are further allocated an additional $25,000; $50,000; $75,000; or $100,000 depending upon the level of poverty in the district. 


CM Rose Expense Funding


Christ Church New Brighton – Community Youth Programs = $5,000 to provide music education improving access to vocal and instrumental instruction.


Community Health Action of Staten Island Inc. – Community Nutrition & Health Program = $20,000 to help cover the administration, operation and staffing costs associated with operating CHASI’s food pantries, health education workshops, SNAP and health insurance screening and enrollment, and computer learning lab.


CUNY School of Law Justice & Auxiliary Services Corp. – City Counseling Program = $20,000 to help cover the administration, operation and staffing costs to support attorney staffing in the district to provide advice and assistance to constituents regarding civil matters.


University of Notre Dame Alumni Club of Staten Island – Bread of Life Food Drive = $5,000 to help cover the administration, operation and staffing costs associated with operating the Bread of Life Food Drive, including community outreach, acquisition of food and equipment an distribution costs.



CM Rose Aging Discretionary Funding


Catholic Charities of Staten Island = $10,000 for Anderson Neighborhood Senior Center spending on lunch, health mgmt., art,

activities, transportation, etc.


Catholic Charities of Staten Island = $10,000 for West Brighton Neighborhood Senior Center spending on lunch, health mgmt., art, activities, transportation, etc.


Central Family Life Center Inc. = $10,000 for Seniors on the Move program, including breakfast, lunch, excursions, exercise classes, etc.


Community Agency for Senior Citizens Inc. = $10,000 for Cassidy Coles Neighborhood Senior Center for arts, ed programs, new gym space and computer training.

Also $10,000 for New Lane Neighborhood Senior Center for same as above,.

Also $10,000 for Transportation services for older adults, shopping, banking , etc.


Jewish Community Center of Staten Island Inc. = $5,000 for costs of running the Bea Victor Senior Olympics.

Jewish Community Center of Staten Island Inc. = $25,000 for costs associated with outreach coordinator of the Stapleton Sr. Center.


Korean American Senior Citizens Association of New York Inc, = $5,000 for case management and referrals to community resources.


Lifestyles for the Disabled Inc. = $5,000 for Lifestyles Radio Program 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Also $5,000 for entertainment and classes for seniors.


VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired = $5,000 for outreach and support for older persons.



CM Rose Local Initiative Discretionary Funding

African Refuge Inc. = $18,500 for the Drop In Center and advocacy services for low-income communities on the North Shore.


Art Lab Inc. = $5,000 for free art programming and services at various locations on Staten Island.


Ballroom Basics USA Inc. = $5,000 for programs in two schools in District 49.


Bethel Community Church = $5,000 for running monthly breakfast club for youth and adults.


Big Brothers & Big Sisters of New York City Inc. = $5,000 for mentoring and youth development in District 49.


Camelot of Staten Island Inc. = $5,000 for operations of Staying Healthy Youth Clubhouse programs.


Canvas Institute = $5,000 for staffing, equipment and outreach for AV production.


Carnegie Hall Corporation = $5,000 for implementing arts projects at the Staten Island NeON, as well as recruitment and showcasing young people.


Catholic Charities Community Services = $5,000 for immigration services of El Centro del Immigrante.


Central Family Life Inc. = $10,000 for mentoring fathers, unemployed and underemployed.

Also $12,900 for individual and family therapy sessions, group meetings.

Also $5,000 for True 2 Life Music & Arts  program to explore possible career opportunities.

Also (from Speaker) $25,000 for the Vibe Summer Program, support and wages for youth to work 15 hours weekly for 6 weeks.


CUNY College of Staten Island = $5,000 for Small Business Development Center’s program in immigrant and minority population on North Shore.


Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island = $5,000 for ArtSpace – Richmond County’s Art Council for programs and new gallery and performance space.


Department of Education Federation of PTAs = $2,500 for supplies and workshop expenses.


Department of Education – area PTAs = total of $17,001 for 28 area PTAs.


Department of Education – $9,800 for one-of-kind virtual game design program, VR Quest, at Intermediate School 49R.


Department of Education – $9,800 for one-of-kind virtual game design program, VR Quest, at PS22R


Department of Parks & Recreation = $5,000 for Mariners Harbor Playground Association.


Eagle Academy Foundation Inc. = $250,000 (Speaker Corey Johnson w/ Council Member Ampry-Samuel) for Reaching Young Men Through Supplemental Education (RYSE) extended day programming at all five New York City schools, including after-school programs and academic remediation programs.


Eden II School for Autistic Children = $5,000 for Early Childhood Program at St. Paul’s Avenue.


Emma’s Place = $5,000 for Grief and Loss Center for Children and Families, crisis counseling,


Empowerment Zone Inc. = $25,000 (with Speaker Corey Johnson) for cost of “culturally sensitive, culturally aware team (social worker, mental health counselor, case manager, peer support).


Empowerment Zone Inc. = $5,000 for annual day cultural event by Staten Island Black Heritage Cultural & Anti-Violence Programs.


Forest Avenue District Management Association Inc. = $5,000 for marketing and events.


Friends of Alice Austin House Inc. = $5,000 for women’s history programs in schools.


Grace Foundation of New York = $5,000 for Recreation Respite programs, Social Skills programs Life Skills programs and support for  families impacted by autism spectrum disorder.


Greenbelt Conservancy Inc. = $5,000 for 10-week intensive training on leadership and environmental education. The Greenbelt Venture Program.


Housing Court Answers Inc. = $5,000 for assistance to unrepresented litigants in Staten Island Housing Court,


IlluminArt Productions = $5,000 for playwriting programs at PS 16R and 74R.


Jacques Marchais Center of Tibetan Art Inc. = $5,000 for cultural history programs.


Legal Aid Society = $5,000 for free legal services for District 49 residents.


Legal Services NYC = $5,000 for legal services for low-income in areas of immigration, government benefits, foreclosure prevention etc.


Liberian Cultural Association = $5,000 for classroom instruction in English language,

Also $5,000 for English literacy programs for older persons.


Museum of Maritime Navigation and Communication = $5,000 for running the museum and educational programs.


NAMI NYC Staten Island Inc. = $5,000 for communications related activities, volunteer appreciation and events and staff.


National CARES Mentoring Movement Inc. = $9,500 for Social Emotional Wellness for Students programs.


New York Center for Interpersonal Development Inc. = $10,000 for after-school programs.


NYCHA, Cassidy-Lafayette = $2,000 for tenant association activities.


NYCHA, Mariner’s Harbor = $2,000 for tenant association activities.


NYCHA , New Lane Area = $2,000 for tenant association activities.


NYCHA = $2,000 for NYCHA Scholarship programming services.


NYCHA, Richmond Terrace = $2,000 for tenant association activities.


NYCHA, Stapleton = $2,000 for tenant association activities.


NYCHA, Todt Hill = $2,000 for tenant association activities.


NYCHA, West Brighton = $2,000 for tenant association activities.


New York Restoration Project = $5,000 for free public programs in the Westervelt Community Garden.


Nigerian American Community Association = $5,000 for employment training and promoting youth empowerment and cultural awareness.


Noble Maritime Collection = $5,000 for educational programs.


Northfield Community LDC of Staten Island Inc. = $5,000 for community and economic development program.


On Your Mark = $5,000 for art program and Exceptional Creations.


Port Richmond HS Boy’s Track and Field Team = $5,000 equipment and uniforms.


Port Richmond HS Girl’s Track and Field Team = $5,000 equipment and uniforms.


Project Hospitality (Speaker) = $25,000 for salary for food donation coordinator.

Also (CM Rose) $5,000 for after school programs for elementary school children. Port Richmond Library Youth Initiative.


Public Administrator – Richmond = $5,000 Dignified Burials.


Public Administrator – Richmond = (w/ Speaker Corey Johnson) $20,000 office support for indigent burials.


Services Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) = $5,000 for mentoring and training program.


Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation = $5,000 for outreach and information events.


Snug Harbor Cultural Center = $9,999 for providing educational experiences in the arts. Youth Matters. Teen Ambassadors.


St. Phillips Baptist Church = $5,000 for food pantry and distribution.


Staten Island Chamber of Commerce Inc. = $5,000 for work on creating a Business Improvement District in downtown.

Also $5,000 for workforce development and Private Industry Council support.


Staten Island Children’s Museum = $5,000 for arts and cultural enrichment programs and workshops.

Also $5,000 for Boogie Woogie Wednesdays.


Staten Island Community Services Friendship Clubs Inc. = $5,000 for support of rec activities at Todt Hill Friendship Club.


Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences = $5,000 for exposing district you to programs.


Staten Island NFP Association Inc. = $5,000 Leadership Capacity Building Program.


Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame = $5,000 for maintenance of museum and collection.


Staten Island Zoological Society = $5,000 for educational programs and animal care.


United States Sierra Leonean Association = $5,000 for immigration adult literacy programs.


Universal Temple of the Arts = $5,000 for operations and materials, teacher compensation.

Also $5,000 for Staten Island Jazz Festival.


Weeks Educational and Social Advocacy Project = $5,000 for running the Staten Island Steel Pan Orchestra.


West Brighton Community Local Development Corp.= $5,000 for advocating for women and minority owned businesses.


YMCA of Greater New York = $5,000 for counseling service’s multilingual resource and referral center in the North Shore.


CM Rose Youth Discretionary Funding


African Refuge Inc. = $10,000 for elementary and high school educational assistance programs.


Central Family Life Center = $15,000 for after school tutoring program.

Also $5,000 for Tae Kwon Do fitness program for youth.


Children’s Aid Society = $5,000 for Curtis High School student health ambassadors events

Also $10,000 for after school and summer programs at the Goodhue Center, New Brighton neighborhood.


Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation = $5,000 for learning centers and youth sports programs.


Eagle Academy Foundation = $10,000 for Reaching Young Men through Supplemental Education program.


Eden II School for Autistic Children = $5,000 for after school  and summer programs.


Empowerment Zone Inc. = $10,000 for Empower Girls SI program.


Fund for the City of New York - Staten Island Justice Center = $5.000 for operations.

Also $5,000 for Youth Wellness Initiative.


Literacy (LINC) Inc. = $5,000 for literacy programs for high poverty residents.


Mid Island Little League = $5,000 for operations, staff, equipment.


New York Edge Inc. = $5,000 for after school and summer camp programs.


New York Road Runners Inc. = $5,000 for free fitness and health programs for youths.


On Your Mark Inc. = $5,000 for Project Teamwork recruit high school and college students to work with kids with developmental disabilities.


Police Athletic League = $10,000 for sports tournament and clinic for youths including refereed games, T-shirts and awards,


Seamen’s Society for Children and Families = $5,000 for Forward Through Education after school tutoring program.


Truck’s Roundball Classic = $5,000 for operating basketball team for youths.


U.S. Wallball Association Inc. = $5,000 for handball and basketball clinics.


Unity Game Inc. = $5,000 for 2022 Unity Games.


UYFL Foundation Inc. = $5,000 for Youth Mental Health & Obesity Program.


West Shore Little League = $5,000 for operations, uniforms, equipment.



Speaker Corey Johnson Funding through CM Rose’s Initiative


African Refuge Inc. = $25,000 for costs of running the Community and Police Mental Health Program.


Central Family Life Center Inc. – True 2 Life program = $45,000 for mentorship opportunities to at-risk youth and unemployed fathers.


Staten Island Delegation Funding for Boroughwide Needs

Central Family Life Center = $13,000 (SI Delegation) for the Youth Build Impact Program


Northfield Community LDC of Staten Island Inc. = $5,000 (SI Delegation) for Northfield Senior Homeowner Program.


Rebecca’s Little Survivor’s Foundation Inc. = $5,000 (SI Delegation) for operating costs of annual overnight camp.


Richmond Medical Center – Violence Prevention & Immediate Action Program = $5,000 (SI Delegation) Program for middle school, high school  and college students,


Seamen’s Society for Children and Families = $5,000 (SI Delegation) for Our Youth Encourage to Succeed Program.