All of our children deserve safe places to run, play and enjoy all that childhood has to offer! 

Children thrive when they have places to run, play and enjoy all that childhood has to offer! That is why I’m proud to secure funds to upgrade our parks! Here is an update on our recent progress:


Mariners Harbor: Staten Island’s first waterfront plaza is OPEN, linking the neighborhood to the water with a pedestrian friendly streetscape, a woodland path, a gathering terrace and an overlook to take in harbor views. Historical maps of Staten Island’s North Shore will be placed throughout the plaza. This was a special site for Staten Islanders generations ago, and my hope is that it once again becomes a site for people to enjoy panoramic views of our harbor. This new space offers Staten Islanders a place to relax and enjoy views local wildlife and the many ships traversing the Kill Van Kull.

Empire Outlets: This privately funded project offers enhanced waterfront access in St. George.  

Lighthouse Point: The private residential, hotel and retail development will include a waterfront park and amphitheater. In addition, Pier 1, adjacent to the National Lighthouse Museum, has been activated for educational and recreational boats. 

St. George—Stapleton Esplanade: It has always been my vision to have a continuous greenway from the Verrazzano to the Goethals bridges. A key piece of the greenway is a new esplanade between St. George and Stapleton -- which has been fully funded as part of the Bay Street Corrdior rezoning. Stay tuned for planning and construction updates.  

Stapleton Waterfront Park: Just behind the new Urby residential and retail development in Stapleton, we also have a 3 acre public park along the waterfront. Additional phases of this development will include at least 10 additional acres of public open space. The northern end of the site will include an esplanade/walkway, restrooms, a “grand stair” elevated feature with seating/flexible use space, sports courts (basketball, volleyball, bocce, pickleball) and a large plaza/lawn. On the southern end, we are looking to include an esplanade/walkway, a dog park, BBQ and picnic area, large playground and swingset, and public art. 

Buono Beach: Known to many as “Penny Beach,” this stretch of beach along Front Street by the Alice Austen House was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, and has since been repaired. 


For a city that is so populated, so dense, we have a proud history of investing in green spaces. From Central Park to the High Line, to our forthcoming Fresh Kills Park, our generation, and generations of New Yorkers who came before us have had the vision and foresight to set aside massive tracts of land that have served as an oasis from the urban landscape. They are spaces for recreation, relaxation and connecting with nature. 

I am proud of those spaces—but I also know that for many New Yorkers, the large iconic parks not accessible, certainly not on a daily basis. 

But our neighborhood are accessible. This is where my young constituents come to play after school and on weekends. This is why I have allocated more than $4 million to my local parks and playgrounds since I’ve been in office. And this is why I am proud of Mayor de Blasio’s Community Parks Initiative. He came into office with the goal of tackling income inequality. And this is an important part of that pledge.

As a result, we have made complete renovations to De Matti, Walker, Grandview, Levy, and McDonald Parks, and the renovation of Stapleton Park is well under way!

All of our young children, regardless of their neighborhood, deserve safe places to run, play and enjoy all that childhood has to offer.