Seven Days of Good Trouble - FB.png

Alarmed by a recent uptick in gun violence, I am bringing dozens of North Shore community-based organizations together for a series of marches. Together, I want every North Shore neighborhood to send a message that we will not tolerate gun violence on our streets.

Monday, Aug. 10, Arlington: Holland Ave at Richmond Terrace, south to Benjamin Place,  Benjamin Place to Northfeld Ave, Northfield Ave to Richmond Terrace, Richmond Terrace to Federal Place. 


Tuesday, Aug. 11, Mariners Harbor: Start at Continental and Grandview, go down Grandview to Roxbury, Roxbury to Lockman, Lockman to Continental, Continental to the Big Park. 


Wednesday, Aug. 12, Port Richmond: Port Richmond Avenue and Bennett, down Port Richmond Ave to Church Street, Church Street to Park Ave, Park Ave to Bennet and into Veterans Park


Thursday, Aug. 13, West Brighton: Start at Broadway and Henderson, down Henderson to Alaska, Alaska to Castleton, Castleton to Broadway, Broadway to Cpl Thompson Park


Friday, Aug. 14, New Brighton: Start at Brighton Ave and Jersey St, Jersey to Crescent, Crescent to Beechwood to Cleveland to Westervelt, Westervelt to Richmond Terrace, Richmond Terrace to Jersey Street, Jersey Street to Mahoney Playground


Saturday, Aug. 15, Stapleton: Broad and Tompkins, Broad to Gordon street, Gordon to Warren, Warren to Hill, Hill to Tompkins, Tompkins to Canal and Canal to Tappen Park. 


Sunday, Aug. 16, Park Hill: Start at Targee and Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt to Osgood, Osgood to Park Hill Avenue, Park Hill Avenue to Palma Drive, PS 57